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What's new in

Jingle Palette 4.4.5:

Supporting playback of files from network drives.

TabIndexes on the palette buttons updated to follow each other correctly.

Pressing cancel when selecting the color of the remaining warner no longer generates an error.

What's new in

Jingle Palette 4.4.4:

Level meter updated to gradient display.

Included with the installer the latest audio library (v2.1.0.3)

Added a French translation of the main window only.

What's new in

Jingle Palette 4.4.3:

Hungarian language interface fixed, with unicode characters.

Credits to interface language translators added to About box.

Release versions of the executables are compressed with UPX.

What's new in

Jingle Palette 4.4.2:

Added Always On Top feature. See settings window.

Bug fixed in display remaining time.

Installer updated to preserve existing ini settings when updating installation.

Relative path detection bug that caused palettes with relative paths not to display correctly, fixed.

Loop indicator for missing jingles no longer stays on.

Time announcer bugfixes.

Underscores in filenames are replaced by spaces when displayed on buton names.

New demo sounds and palette.

Added Nederlands language

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